Pieni Sininen Tapiiri (Little Blue Tapir)

A girl plays her clay whistle and daydreams in a small garden. She is, however, alone. In the woods she stumbles upon a little tapir who then follows her home. You should never allow a strange tapir into your house though, should you?

Little Blue Tapir is an unusual love story in which the girl and the tapir turn to each other for acceptance. But you don't always find what you're looking for exactly where you think you will, and some endings can make way for wiser beginnings.




Production: Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences


Length: 15'30''


Type: Short film, Graduation film

Country: Finland


Premiere: April 30th 2014, Turku Finland 





"You should never allow a strange tapir into your house, should you?"






Girl: Rosa Salomaa

Tapir (Voice): Aati Saarva



Director & Script Writer: Salla Kallio

Director of Photography: Tommi Vihko

Puppet Designer & Key Puppeteer: Emma Golnick

Art Director: Mindele Vihko

Supervising Sound Editor: Antti Siniranta

Composer: Sanne Saajos

Hair & Make-up: Aino Haakana

Costume Designer: Kaarina Pönkkä 

Gaffer: Mikko Peltonen

Colorist: Tommi Vihko
Editor: Salla Kallio
VFX: Tommi Vihko & Salla Kallio

Still Photographer: Jouni Kuru








  • L'Inconnu Festival, Paris France, 04/2015
  • Cluj Shorts International Short Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca Romany, 03/2015
  •   Flicks International Student Film Festival, the     Netherlands, 03/2015
  • Kyoto Seika University International Movie Festival, Kyoto Japan, 02/2015
  • Miyukino International Short Film Snow Theater Festival, Nagano Japan, 02/2015
  • Bangladesh International Children Film Festival, Dhaka Bangladesh, 01/2015
  • Prague Short Film Festival, Prague Czech Republic, 01/2015
  • Jim Henson's Puppets on Film Festival, New York USA, 10/2014
  • Jive Azz Film Festival, California USA
    Awarded: Best Cinematography, 12/2014
  • Hamilton Film Festival, Ontario Canada, 11/2014
  • Frontale Film Festival, Wiener Neustadt Austria, 11/2014
  • Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma Finland, 09/2014
  • 3rd Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival, Kolkata India, 08/2014
  • Fanatik Figuras Puppet Theatre Festival, Turku Finland, 04/2014













Photo: Jouni Kuru

Photo: Tommi Vihko

Photo: Tommi Vihko

Photo: Tommi Vihko