Making of Little Blue Tapir

I got the idea for Little Blue Tapir when I was studying in Kyoto and attended a puppet animation class. The teacher saw my sketches and told that one looked like a tapir. I didn't know what tapir was. The teacher explained that in Japanese mythology it is said that tapirs eat dreams. With later search tapirs are said to eat nightmares, but "dreams" meant something to me.

My friend Emma Golnick came with to make the tapir puppet. We were using a puppet theatre puppet for the first time in film making, so we had to take a lot of different things into account with the cinematographer Tommi Vihko and the art director Mindele Vihko. We made a lot of test shoots and thought all the possible ways to hide the puppeteers! It sure was a fun project!






(Making of Clips)

Photo: Jouni Kuru

Photo: Tommi Vihko